Quality Management

We procure good quality cotton and ensure that strength, length, uniformity ratio, maturity adhere to a certain threshold. We are also particular about maintaining a narrow micronaire range for our cotton mixing. Our philosophy is to buy in bulk early in the cotton season so that the cotton quality is consistent till the end of the season. Our fabric absorbency, whiteness etc benefit from this decision and this ensures uniform fabric quality throughout the year.

We purchase the best accessories for our equipment like card clothing, reeds, heald wires etc to ensure high quality products. We also choose dyes with best fastness properties and the widest shade gamuts. We strictly adhere to the OEM’s recommended maintenance schedules, original spares and the best available lubricants.

We have laboratories with both temperature and humidity controlled environments in all our locations. Our spinning laboratory equipment is from premier Evolvics. Our wet processing laboratory equipment is from James Heal, X-Rite, Mathis and Datacolor.

Our yarn quality is benchmarked against market leaders and we continuously strive to produce better yarn. We also try to reduce our fabric defects per 100 linear metres of inspected cloth year on year.


  • Become Better – We strive for a continuous improvement in productivity, profits and product mix