The majority of our spinning equipment consists of the following Trutzschler cards, Rieter combers and drawframes, LMW combers, speedframes and ringframes. Our winding equipment is primarily from Murata and Savio. Our rotor spinning machines are from Schlaforst. Suessen compact technology is employed in all ring spinning locations.


We have shuttle looms, projectile looms, Tsudakoma airjet looms, Vamatex and Picanol rapier looms. We have dobby, jacquard and top beam looms. Our warping and sizing machines are from Benninger. Our weaving sampling includes a Suzuki sample warper. We have 335 looms.


We have continuous ranges from Kusters and Benninger. We were the first company to install an E-Control dyeing range from Monforts in India. We have rotary printing machines from Stork, and laser engraving and bulk digital printing to combine for a very good and complete printing department. Our dry finishing equipment is from Monforts. We also have peaching equipment, calendars and a Biancalani Airo machine.


Premier Mills Group has installed wind turbines with a capacity of 105 MW. This has ensured that we enjoy better power availability vis-à-vis other textile mills in the same geography without captive power assets, and more importantly make our energy costs more competitive. It has acted as a hedge against constantly rising energy prices. We have windmills from Regen Powertech, Vestas and Enercon.

Become Better – We strive for a continuous improvement in productivity, profits and product mix